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S1E12 - Last Gasps

The final episode of season one of Horrid is about the spiritual successor to The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, namely Robert Weine's follow up film, Genuine. First released at the end of 1920, Genuine continues and escalated the expressionist art aesthetic from the earlier film. The titular role of Genuine is played by Fern Andra, an American actress that found great success in the German film industry. A summary of the film is given, and the life of Fern Andra is recounted. Also discussed are Cesar Klein's contributions to the expressionist sets and costumes found in the film. Finally, contrary to many popular opinions, Doc Manson finds evidence that the seductive Genuine may be more vampire than vamp.

As this is the last episode of season one, there will be an extended break before new episodes of Horrid are released later this year. In the meantime, keep watching horror. Until next time, stay scared.

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Intro Music: Dark Intro by Sascha Ende
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