Trailer: Antlers Antlers is directed by Scott Cooper, who directed Jeff Bridges’ Oscar winning performance in Crazy Heart (2009. This is Cooper’s first venture in the horror genre, but the film is produced by genre veteran Guillermo del Toro. Keri Russell, best know for her role as the titular character from the long running TV series […]

Trailer: Spiral

Chris Rock plays against type as the leading man in this, the ninth installment of the horror mega-franchise, Saw. In addition to acting, Rock also serves as executive producer and provided the story treatment from which the script was developed. Costarring Samuel L. Jackson, this appears to be a very different Saw film than the […]

Trailer: Candyman Candyman (2020) is the spiritual successor to the 1992 film of the same name, which featured horror legend Tony Todd in perhaps his greatest role. This new installment features a screenplay co-written by modern horror maestro Jordan Peel (Get Out and Us). Nia DiCosta directs her first genre film, in which we return to the now gentrified Chicago neighborhood […]