Rabid Grannies

Please allow me a moment to regress before getting to the meat of this review for Rabid Grannies. I’ve been writing on B-Movie Geek, off and on, for more than 10 years now. In this time, I’ve watched all sorts of films. I’ve assigned the full range of possible scores, from 1 to 5 stars, […]


Coherence is a 2013 science fiction movie, but I’d wager that the term horror could be applied just as well. A great sense of foreboding and dread permeates the entire film. The movie is the directorial debut of James Ward Byrkit, also known for his work writing the Oscar-winning animated film Rango and serving as a conceptual […]

The Collection

The Collection (2012) is the sequel to the 2009 torture/slasher flick, The Collector. The story of this follow up begins shortly after the events of the previous film, and chronicles the ongoing and horrifying exploits of everyone’s favorite etymology-obsessed, woolly gimp mask-wearing, booby trap fanatic, the Collector (Randall Archer). Also returning is the safe cracker […]

Last Shift

The Pick: Netflix got me again with their short, 30 second looping trailers with the pumping, genre-appropriate music. I was further intrigued by the face of the man or creature that appears on the cover art for the film. The satanic overtones proved to be too enticing, and Last Shift ended up playing on my television for this, […]

House on Willow Street

The Pick: I’ve had to admit to being shallow on at least a few different occasions in my life, several of which were explaining previous movie picks for this Shocktober 2017 season. It should come as no surprise then, dear reader, that House on Willow Street was chosen based solely upon the strength of its […]

The Void

The Pick: I found The Void on Netflix as I was flipping through, looking for Shocktober films. I quickly fell in love with the poster art; who doesn’t love the promise of tentacles in their horror movie? Further, the backdrop of space hinted pretty strongly to me that I was in for some sort of cosmic terror story […]

Lights Out

The Pick: Lights Out began life as a 5 minute short film, which I had the pleasure of stumbling across on one of my many journeys across the vast wilderness that is the internet. So impressed by the originality and execution of this short film, that I even wrote a quick blurb about it in […]

I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

The Pick: This particular film has been on my radar for some time now. I remember watching a full trailer for it around the time that it originally dropped on Netflix, and I recall being intrigued by it even then. I think I may have read some less favorable reviews for the film, which resulted […]

Tales of Halloween

The Pick: It’s Shocktober! That means Halloween! This movie literally has Halloween in the title! I hate to disappoint you, as I imagine you thought my movie pick requirements were far more stringent than that, but that’s pretty much exactly the way it happened. Sorry. The Film: Tales of Halloween is an anthology film with […]

The Black Room

The Pick: I’m playing it fast and loose with my picks for Shocktober 2017. Instead of doing any extensive planing, I decided that I would make all of my picks from the streaming services to which I am currently subscribed. So, as I found myself scrolling through the countless titles on Netflix, I began watching the […]