Sorority Row (Remake) - Movie Spoof

Next on the long list of unwanted remakes comes the hot summer thriller Sorority Row! Actually, as far as remakes go, this one doesn't really offend my sensibilities all that much. The original "The House on Sorority Row," was filmed and released way back in 1983 and promptly forgotten. It's a fun little slasher film but with nothing too memorable about it. I suppose it couldn't hurt to give it a second chance with audiences, but I suspect the remake will end up being remembered in largely the same way (i.e. not at all). Oh well, at least there will be boobies. And it's got to be a step up for Jamie Chung since her last theatrical release. Please feel free to leave comments below.

"There's sure to be trouble abound when five totally-sort-of babelicious twenty-eight year olds come together and pretend to be college juniors! Watch with mild interest for 90 minutes as these women run around in their lingerie and assorted skank-wear while defending themselves from a generic, hooded murderer! Be horrified  as they die one by one until only one is left! Gasp with terror as the last girl is trapped in their burning sorority house as is given away in the poster! Cringe at how much of a resemblance the plot from "I Know What You Did Last Summer" has with this film! Be amazed by the sheer amount of merely-adequate nudity on display! Seriously! You'll think you're watching Late Nite on Skinemax! Skinemax!!!!"

Sorority Hoes - In Theaters - September 11, 2009