Halloween II - Movie Spoof

Halloween II, the sequel to the pseudo-remake of John Carpenter's perennial classic slasher film, is coming to theaters this Friday, August 28, 2009. What better way to mark the occasion than to send up the much anticipated movie with an all original movie spoof poster! The trailer has been criticized by many long time horror fans because of the disheveled appearance of series' villain Michael Meyers. Long used to the navy blue jump suit, Rob Zombie's use of the torn mask and hobo-style winter jacket left many hardcore fans feeling decidedly cool towards this new film. The general dissatisfaction with the first film in the remake continuity does not help matters. The Geek, however, breaks ranks from the hardcore in this instance. I thoroughly enjoyed the remake as a companion piece to the original and am looking forward to Zombie's continuation this Friday. In the meantime, enjoy Hoboween II. As always feel free to leave comments below.

"See the continuation of Rob Zombie's re-envisioning of ultimate terror in Hoboween II. It has been one full year since Michael Meyers returned to Haddonfield and brought with him his reign of terror. The shaken community of Haddonfield still remembers the events of that Halloween night when Michael came home. Michael's journey begins with a return to his childhood home, hoping to find clues that will lead him to the last surviving family member, his younger sister, Laurie. When he arrives, Michael finds that his childhood home has been razed to the ground and replaced with a strip mall. Without direction, it seems hopeless that Michael will ever be able to reunite with his long lost sister. Now homeless, Michael hangs up his butcher's knife and shelves his murderous aspirations in pursuit of a normal life. Finding work proves impossible for the unkempt, unwashed, 7 foot tall monster of a man. Unable to support himself, Michael begins to lose himself on the harsh streets of downtown Haddonfield. Will Michael find the strength to rebound and turn his life aroundf? Will he eventually reunite with his sister and fulfill his lifelong dream of murdering her silly? Or will Michael Meyers perish, cold and alone, taking his final sips of wine out of a tattered, brown paper bag? Find out when Hoboween II hits theaters this Fall.

Hoboween II - In Theaters - August 28, 2009