Bioshock - Movie News

Well, well, well. Look at what the cat dragged in. For those that haven't been following the story, video game-world darling IP Bioshock had been scheduled to be made into a live- action, $160 million extravaganza by Gore Verbinski, director of the Pirate of the Caribbean trilogy. The movie was put on hold indefinitely following the sudden development of cold feet by Universal movie studios, citing rising budget concerns as the reason for the delay.

The basic plot of the game sees a single man stranded on a small atoll following a plane crash. A lighthouse on said plot of land is found to house a bathesphere which the man rides down to the underwater city of Rapture, a visually striking 50's retro-deco, once-utopian city. The game details the man's descent and the events that unfold as he pieces together the horrors that have transformed this once-magnificent marvel of man's workmanship into a carnival of madness.

Oh, and he has to fight these guys too:

Today's news, originally from Michael Fleming at Variety, states that the film may now be back on track thanks to the recruitment of a new director, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later). Verbinski may still be associated with the project, but now acting as producer for the film. The switch should help offset those rising budget concerns.

So did anyone watch the unneeded sequel to 28 Days Later? I've always meant to, but I've never really felt compelled to see any follow up to Danny Boyle's first film in the series. Any thoughts on the choice of Fresnadillo to helm this decidedly unique and visually striking property? Drop a comment below.