Mirrors - Movie Spoof

I once had great hopes for Alexandra Aja. And then I saw Haute Tension. I wasn't too thrilled with the Hills Have Eyes remake, and I'm not really feeling this latest effort, starring our good friend Jack Bauer. Sorry to say, but Kiefer Sutherland has outstayed his mainstream welcome. Just my opinion, but I'm tired of reading about Hollywood's drunken antics. It doesn't help that I know more than a handful of hopeless post-college chicks that seem to swoon over the guy. I just don't get the appeal.

"An ex-cop and his family are the target of an evil, malevolent force in this remake of a sequel of an imported Korean film based on a novel inspired by true events influenced by Celine Dion! Kiefer Sutherland demonstrates his dynamic range as an actor in the role of Zack Cowar, a former law enforcement official. When Zack has several drinks too many, his wife kicks him out on his ass. Zack irresponsibly gets behind the wheel of his car, and a casual glace into the rearview mirror unleashes an ancient evil. Looking into the mirror, Zack groggily realizes that his reflection is looking back at him! Using the rearview mirror as a gateway, this evil doppelganger possesses Zack, causing him to go out on an all night bender including an eight ball of cocaine, several transgendered prostitutes, and a hamster named Huey. Having been picked up by the police, Zack wakes up the next morning in the drunk tank to find the evil entity has left him. He's brought up on charges of a DUI, but since he's freakin' Kiefer Sutherland the police believe him about the ancient evil and he's released with a slap on the wrist. Come this August, all this excitement and more can be yours at your local theater. Go see Rearview Mirrors- 'You'll Never Look Back!'"

Coming Soon - August 2008