Doomsday - Movie Preview

Now I realize this movie is being pretty much universally crapped upon right now, and adding my two cents doesn't really add anything to the proceedings, but here goes anyways. Doomsday, the follow up from "The Descent" director Neil Marshall, doesn't look especially good.

"But, Geek!" you exclaim, "Surely you can find it in your heart to adore a post-apocalyptic movie featuring a deadly virus, a hot assassin chick in form fitting clothes, fast car chases, and futuristic clown-punk warriors?"

Sorry to say, in my heart of hearts, there is no love lost for this premise. Maybe I love Mad Max and Escape from New York too much to let another post-apocalyptic action flick into my heart. Maybe I thought the pinnacle of the hot assassin chicks in tight clothes sub-genre was Underworld or Resident Evil. Maybe I just never cared much for car chases or futuristic clown-punk warriors. And maybe putting all these things in a blender along with a story about a viral epidemic just feels cluttered and uninspired to me.

Another problem I have with Doomsday is that the heroine, played by Rhona Mitra, doesn't convince me as being especially sexy or a deadly fighter. The biggest problem is that the two series I listed as being the peak of this hot fighting chick genre, Underworld and Resident Evil, weren't especially good themselves. To be honest for a moment, I down right hated Underworld and was only mildly entertained by the sequel. Need further proof that Rhona Mitra is only a half-rate replacement for Kate Beckinsale? Underworld III- Beckinsale has (wisely) moved on from the franchise and who did they get to play the main character? The prosecution rests.

Now don't get me wrong, I have previously enjoyed the work of Neil Marshall. I will admit that when I heard the premise for Dog Soldiers I just about shit myself with laughter. The subsequent viewing of the film revealed a story put together with more love and fine-crafting than it probably deserved. The follow up effort, The Descent, also didn't sound like much on paper but proved to be an excellent, if somewhat overly dark (literally), film. Maybe my impressions of Doomsday are off the mark. Maybe this is a great little flick, destined to be a gem hidden in the rough.

I figure I owe it to Marshall to give him the benefit of the doubt and check the flick out. I've been somewhat cautious in approaching all of his films and have ended up pleasantly surprised with each. Who knows, maybe if I quit my bitching for long enough I'll even enjoy this one too. Maybe if we all just calm down we could all just enjoy a silly little movie starring throngs of punk-clown warriors.

Man, did my opinion just pull a '180' or what? I'm starting to feel all gooey inside. I think I'd better check myself for a fever.

P.S. Diary of the Dead moved into a wider release this last weekend. It previously wasn't playing withing 100 miles of my location but is now playing in several larger cities. Check out your local listings, you might just get lucky too!


Anonymous said...

I really feel like Neil Marshall enjoyed the movies you mentioned so much that he's probably always wanted to make one himself, and with the success of The Descent, was finally in a financial position to make one. That said,I found Doomsday to be an enjoyable movie, albeit unoriginal and over-the-top.