Kindergarten Cop

I don't think I've thought about Kindergarten Cop, or any Schwarzenegger vehicle, in quite some time. However, the commercials for that new Terminator show on FOX have put Arnold back in my mind. As a result, I have been left with the following image. I hope by sharing it with you I can get it out of my head.

Thank you and good night.


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Anonymous said...

I discur. While clever and certainly amusing, this is merely a sight gag to spark some brief but eventually pointless moments of mirth.

I expect more from the B-Movie Geek. It feels like he phoned this one in. I do not have this website in my favorites to see some Photoshop skills.

Though the Bio-Shock picture was awesome.

Besides, if you're going to mock an Arnold movie, you need to do Batman and Robin. Either that or Running Man. Each is a gold mine for one liners.

I think I'm through.

No wait.


That is all

Chris said...

I apologize. They can't all be elaborate gold, ya bastard.

Elaborate gold? Sounds expensive.

Anonymous said...

i still have nightmares about this scene