His Name is Bruce

I spent New Year's Eve getting dinner with a small group of friends before heading off to a party with a different group of friends. Both groups were equally entertaining. The reason I bring this up is because, at dinner, the topic of movies came up, as it always inevitably does. Sooner or later the topic turned to my favorite subject, old horror movies. Nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing, that is, until the conversation steered towards the topic of the one, the only, the great Bruce Campbell.

A friend whom will remain anonymous for the sake of his dignity did not know who Bruce Campbell was. I was aghast, but started rattling off the usual:

"Oh, he was the star of the Evil Dead Trilogy"

"The what?"

Okay, so he'd never heard of the Evil Dead. No biggie. I pulled out the title he'd likely be more familiar with.

"He was in Army of Darkness."

The response: "Never heard of it."

Surely this was jest, but indeed it was not. Still I was not deterred, Army of Darkness wasn't all that popular after all, and I still had the big guns tucked away.

"Back in the early nineties he starred in a Fox series called Brisco County, Junior."

I smirked knowing this reference would recover some long lost memory.

"Sorry," came the reply.

I couldn't believe it. He hadn't ever heard of Brisco County, Junior? Okay, what about the ring announcer in Spider-Man? Nope. The rude usher in Spider-Man 2? Nada. Jack of all Trades? Zip. Hercules? No.


I couldn't for the life of me think of any movie of mainstream relevance that might ring the proper bells. And I was ashamed. Not so much for my friend, but more for myself. How could I not think of a role Bruce had played that would be recognized.

At the table we finally just kind of settled upon the fact that the age difference (5 years) was to blame for the discrepancy. 19 year olds just weren't raised on any of the shows mentioned above. This made me feel old, pathetic, and more than a little bit sad for the youth of America.

America, this is the face of greatness. This is Bruce Campbell. Love him.

P.S. In the end, I was finally able to fill in my friend about the identity of this mysterious man. He recognized Bruce from his recent stint as the Old Spice Commercial Spokesman. What is the world coming to? Do me a favor and go see My Name is Bruce when it comes out. America needs to remember.


Anonymous said...

I notice you mention nothing about the other party you went to. Sure, we didn't mention Bruce Campbell, but there was plenty of entertaining conversation.

Besides, anyone who doesn't know Bruce Campbell should be keelhauled.

Chris said...

Don't get me wrong, both parties were great, but this was the most memorable moment. It probably has more to do with the fact that this made me feel incredibly old then anything else.

Anonymous said...

Well, we are incredibly old. We're approaching a quarter century on this planet. And look at the good you're doing with this fabulous blog.

Chris said...

It's true, I'm spreading the good word of the almighty Bruce Campbell. I feel like I'm preaching to the converted. Can I get an Amen?

Anonymous said...

Chris. Your like. CREEPY old.