Live Free or Die Hard

The movie once called Die Hard 4.0 in some of the classier rumorvilles has come and gone. As usual, I'm getting to the party kind of late. Heck, the DVD came out some several weeks ago at this point. Nothing I have to say about the movie review wise would be new or fresh. Suffice then to say, if you like the other Die Hard movies this one is at least worth checking out. Although I highly recommend the unrated DVD over the theatrical version. There's just something satisfying about watching a pissed off Bruce Willis dropping f-bombs.

Irregardless (not a word), I have noticed an alarming yet equally intriguing trend in the Die Hard series of movies that needs to be shared with the world.

Let me begin this explanation by saying I'm looking extremely forward to Die Hard 6. Why?, you are no doubt asking yourself at this very moment. Furthermore, you ask, what about Die Hard 5?

I have little to no interest in Die Hard 5. In fact it'll probably suck, hard (so clever). Die Hard 6, however, will be grand.

So what's the great secret? See if you can follow me on this one. The Die Hard films have all been about upping the ante in the subsequent installments. Generally speaking, this has been accomplished by increasing the scale at which the movie villain's plot unfolds. Case in point: "Die Hard" took place in a building. "Die Hard 2" was in an airport. "Die Hard With A Vengeance" saw Bruce and Sammy J running all over New York City. Finally, in "Live Free or" an entire country is at stake.

Logically speaking, we should continue to see an increase in scale is any sequels that are as of yet forthcoming. Using this logic, it should be no surprise that Die Hard 5 will see John McClane fighting to save the world. Ho Hum. Die Hard 6, on the other hand...


Die Hard 6 will see John McClane fighting to save the galaxy.


That's right.

John McClane. In Space.

Die Hard 6: Blast Off or Die Hard.

This will no doubt be the greatest "In Space" installment of any series. EVER. With the possible exception of Jason X. And Leprachaun 4. Okay, or Critters 4. But ASIDE from those.

You heard it here first, folks. Yippi-ki-yay!


Anonymous said...

You know of course that if he is fighting to save the galaxy, he's going to war with Space Iguanas.

It'll be a buddy movie, too.

His partner. . .

The one. . .

The only. . .

Orange Julius

Anonymous said...

Well written article.