I Am Legend 2: The Return of Bagger Vance

"Robert Neville, everyone's favorite, quirky, ultra-cool, military-scientist returns in this action-packed, heartwarming sequel! Having already bastardized one of the greatest fiction stories of all time, actor Will Smith returns to this vampire-infested, post-apocalyptic world, but with a new twist! With civilization back on the upswing, the family-less Neville decides now is the perfect time to begin his new life and he starts by choosing a new career- he becomes a pro-golfer! The only problem is he's terrible! Wacky, cgi-vampire shenanigans ensue! Coming to Neville's aide is the ghostly, kindhearted caddy, Bagger Vance. In a stunning, Oscar-worthy double-duty performance, Bagger Vance (Smith) helps Neville (Smith) not only with improving his game, but with shedding his jaded, unworldly views! It's a heart warming tale that can be enjoyed by the whole family! Double the fun! Double the Smith! Double the Legend! I Am Legend 2: The Return of Bagger Vance!"

Coming Soon - Summer 2009

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't he train with Muhammad Ali in this one as well?

I read somewhere that this was Will Smith's way of doing a "Nutty Professor" style movie, where he plays every character.

Jay said...

lol thats good

Anonymous said...

the sad thing is that they are actually talking sequel no this blockbuster..... and also sad is he actually does play golf in one scene of the actual movie..so technically this idea isnt as far fetched as it seems