Die Hard 6: Blast Off Or Die Hard

This pic goes with a post a ways back. Enjoy my 1337 photochop skillzorz.

"John McClane is just your average, everyday-Joe cop. He didn't ask to save the world, or the United States, or NYC, or Dulles International Airport, or the Nakatomi Tower hostages, he just had to. Now, with a new interstellar threat emerging and his retirement from the force only six hours away, this average everyday-Joe cop must take to the stars in his wildest, most unwanted adventure yet! With his seven times divorced wife and his forty year old kids being held hostage in the Lunar Space Station, John will have to shoot a whole lot of generic goons before facing the ultimate villain, the Grubertron-X5000! Hold onto your hats, cowboys! McClane is back!"

Coming Soon - Summer of 2015!