Bioshock and Stupid Controversy

This is my first time posting about a video game, but likely will not be the last. I have hobbies outside of bad movies, I swear. Really. At any rate, if you are a gamer and haven't tried out Bioshock yet... What the hell, Really, what the hell. Go try it now. This is a game that no doubt will be on many Best of 2007 lists and deservedly so.

When the game first came out there were a few people outraged about a game that forced players to "kill" little girls. These people kind of missed the point, however, because the game didn't force anyone to kill little girls, but rather presented a morally ambiguous choice to the player. Killing the little girls could be done, yes, but doing so had consequences within the game's story. It was an artistic decision, but stupid people still got up in arms over the whole deal.

At any rate, I hate stupid controversy and those that are easily offended. So, to those of you who were offended by Bioshock, I give you something to really be offended about. To everyone else, just take it like it's meant. Laugh a little and forget about it.

This should totally be on a t-shirt.

Oh, and Happy New Years and all that jazz.


Jake Lucas said...

Bioshock is definatly a game I'd like to play, although I've yet to pick it up.

I had yet to even consider there would be an uproar about the game, but it makes sense. Anything to get Jack Thompson 15 more minutes of fame I suppose.

Anonymous said...

One of the best games I've ever played, and I tend to steer clear of FPS cause of motion sickness.

If the not-so-subtle jabs at Ayn Rand didn't make me fall in love, the music, graphics, and completely amazing storyline would.

I believe it was number one on Game Informer's list, and I'm sure it was as well. For the record, if you can get a copy of the most recent Game Informer there is a nice article about using the video game genre to tell adult stories (like in Bioshock) as effectively as other forms of media. It uses Bioshock as it's primary example. Pretty nice article.

Of course several page piece of Lego Indian Jones was pretty great too...

Anthony Paul said...

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