Movie Mash-Up Archive

You might be wondering what a Mash-Up is, so let me explain the concept. A Movie Mash-Up might be most common to the idea of a preview in that I am typically talking about a movie that has not yet been released. I prefer to not call them previews because I usually have not seen any advanced footage of the film besides the trailer. In addition, I may not talk about the actual movie proper in a Mash-Up; sometimes I may focus on the marketing campaign or other such topics surrounding the movie proper. Finally, I also tend to categorize brief reviews as Mash-Ups. Typically these are films that I may have seen in the theater and do not yet have the resources to give the full review treatment (i.e. no pictures). At any rate, here's a collection of links leading to all of the Movie Mash-Ups in the archives. Enjoy!

06/12/08: The Happening
06/11/08: The Incredible Hulk
03/14/08: Doomsday
12/16/07: AvP:R